Imagine Oneness Foundation Integrity Pledge

Who We Are

Edificio Professional Ortega
2do. Nivel
Avenida Ortega & Gassett #46
Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana

Larry E. Peterson – President
DR. Michel Ritchie – Vice President
Yuri Garcia – Treasurer
Michel Abreu – Secretary


The IMAGINE ONENESS FOUNDATION isa not for profit organization consisting of multi-cultural members who are committed to providing a variety of services to disadvantaged children in the Dominican Republic and Haiti.  An organization whose primary focus is education and health care but is not limited to extending services in the preservation of the environmentand other essential necessities for day to day living. It is the desire of this foundation to meet these objectives via our vision statement.


There is a great need to extend a hand to one of our most valuable resources, our children.  The IMAGINE ONENESS FOUNDATION envisions an exceptional future for our children with the following “Vision Statement”.  We see children without limits in what they can achieve with equal opportunity for all and with access to education, health, sports, and everything necessary for the development of their physical, mental, and professional well being.


As the Foundation embarks on its journey in implementing their OBJECTIVES, the main focal point lies in identifying children who are in need of educational and health care services while ensuring that significant information is disseminated to the public about our cause and direction.

The foundation’s objective will commence with the selfish less act of its Treasurer, Yuri Garcia, who has already extended a hand to repair a damaged roof to “Las Caobas Escuelita”, a school in Paraiso Barahona, Dominican Republic.  The work started by Yuri will continue until completed while the foundation forges away in meeting the goals of its other objectives outlined herein.

¨Continue and complete the work of Yuri Garcia by providing computers to, and enhancing the physical condition of “Las Caobas Escuelita” in Paraiso, Barahona;

¨Demonstrate to children regardless of gender, race, age, nationality, religion or disability, the importance in recognizing and understanding diversity;

¨Assist children of lower socio-economic levels in acquiring a good education while becoming intelligent, compassionate, caring, ethical, and productive citizens in their native or adopted country;

¨Provide learning materials and equipment that will lead to the advancement of children current education level via school supplies, books, computers, audio-visual materials, televisions, internet, etc.

¨Offer higher educational opportunities to high school graduates who desire to attend college or a university;

¨Develop a Foreign Student Exchange program that will allow children the latitude to share in the experiences of other cultures throughout the world;

¨Compose a “Scholarship Program” for salient children for the advancement of their education abroad;

¨Create programs to teach children how to act appropriately in society and socially interact with members of the opposite sex;

¨Work with communities to develop after school work program for children who are economically deprived;

¨Recruit dedicated educators and volunteers who will inspire students to learn and excel in their endeavors;

¨Seek out and work with proficient health care professionals who are willing to provide services to sick children without pay;

¨Develop a pharmacy aid program that will assist children with medicine for free or at affordable prices;

¨To optimize the use of all resources, including the financial support from our contributors, in accomplishing all the goals and objectives of the foundation;

¨And, provide leadership for our volunteers to assist them in their efforts of working with the less-fortunate.


Dare to “IMAGINE” a more perfect society for our children.