Anse-a-Pitre Donations Chart

We are delighted to have begun to receive some donations in respect of this project.  These are listed in the table below. As we receive further contributions the chart will be updated as we head towards our target figure.

Once sufficient funding is in place to begin work we will be providing regular updates and photographs on the Anse-a-Pitre Project Page.


Anse-a-Pitre Project Donations

Contributors NameAmount in PesosAmount/Equivalent in U.S. DollarsDonation AmountTotal Funding Required
Balance Still Needed
Larry E. Peterson:
Juan Dolio, Dominican Republic
RD $962.50$25,00$25,00$15,975
Michel H. Ritchie:
St Petersburg, Florida, USA
RD $968.75$25,00$25,00$15,950
Yuri Garcia Santos:
Santo Domingo, Domincan Republic,
RD $968.75 $25,00$25,00$15,925
Lazaro Chevalier:
New York, USA
Sean Foote:
New York, USA
Amber Seguros:
Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
RD $1000$25,81$25,81$15,849.19
Joseph N. Mastrota
New York, USA
Pinellas Christian Cente
St. Petersburg, Florida - USA.
Janice Powell,
North Carolina, USA
Harry M. Singleton,Washington D.C., USA $100 $100$15,299.19
Yuri Garcia Santos:
Santo Domingo, Domincan Republic,
Janice Powell
Washington DC, USA
Yuri Garcia
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
RD$ 50,000$1183.00 $1183.00$13,416.19
Elaine Cronin
New Hampshire, USA
Helen Ferrante
New Hampshire, USA
AIB Enactus Group
Des Moine Iowa, USA

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