Banco Popular Donates 5 Computers for Las Caobas Escuelita School

Imagine Oneness Foundation announced today that they are delighted to have received a total of five Dell PC computers from the Dominican Republic bank, Banco Popular. The computers are destined to be handed over to the Las Caobas Escuelita School in Baharona within the next couple of weeks.

In a letter accompanying the computers the bank outlines it’s commitment to help to provide solutions to the many social problems faced by local Dominican communities.  A PDF link to the letter can be found below.

Imagine Oneness Foundation has had an ongoing relationship with Las Caobas Escuelita since one of the founders of Imagine Oneness discovered the school by accident and was horrified by the conditions under which both the teachers and pupils had to work and study. Several projects have already been undertaken to repair damaged roofs and floors in an effort to make conditions for both staff and pupils more comfortable.

The school, which has some 200 students, is situated close to the Dominican Republic’s border with Haiti and, as a result, has a mix of pupils from both countries adding to the challenges faced by the teaching staff.

The donation by Banco Popular will provide the school with the first computers they will have and will enable at least some pupils to obtain additional skills.  The Foundation is currently seeking assistance to enable an internet connection so that pupils will be able to gain access to the world wide web and broaden their horizons seeing and learning much more about the world in which they live.

The Foundation President, Larry Peterson said “We are extremely grateful to Banco Popular for their generous gift to the school and it is a first step in the right direction.  However, we recognize that more computers as well as a host of other learning materials are needed to meet the needs of the school.  We are looking for another 15 computers to allow a 1 to 10 ratio of computers to pupils along with teaching aids, books, calculators, etc.. In effect all the items pupils in school in developed countries take for granted.  So if anyone, or any organization reading this, can help in any way please contact me via the contact form on our website.  Cash donations or offering to sponsor a child would also be very very welcome.”

We will be publishing a further post with pictures of the school and the computers being handed over in the very near future.

BPD Donation Letter

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