Imagine Oneness Foundation Get Involved

Get Involved

Imagine Oneness Foundation consists of individuals, professionals, and just plain old caring people who believe that all children, regardless of where they exist in the world, should be given an opportunity to attain goals and fulfill their potentials.

It is not enough, as members of the Imagine Oneness Foundation, to seek out funding resources for children – we give of our time, knowledge and skills to help children develop and realize their own visions.

The Foundation have come to understand, that it’s continuous mission to help children cannot be carried out with the present amount of volunteers. Therefore, finds it necessary to reach out and ask people to get involved in this worthwhile cause.

Please extend some of your free time in helping us out.  Listed below are some ways you can get involved.

¨Youths: Send e-cards to sick children, start a drive of sorts (books, school supplies and toys), and raise money for children whose families cannot afford to buy them a nice birthday gift or a new pair of shoes.

¨Educators: Provide quality curriculums, tutoring, socialization skills, career guidance, and resources to our most valuable resources, our children.  Select and train volunteers to work with children in need of educational assistance.  Acquire educational tools for children in need of computers, books, school supplies, etc…

¨Health Care: Extend assistance to children and or families in need of health care under the supervision of health care professionals. Train volunteers as “Health Care Assistants” throughout the Dominican Republic and Haiti, in providing service to those families or children in need of such services.

¨Fund Raiser: Train volunteers in the art of marketing T-shirts and caps; auctions; car washes; selling raffle tickets; holding concerts; change cans in various commercial markets; web site banners; sponsor competitions; and develop other creative fund raising ideas.

If you are interested in volunteering at IOF (Imagine Oneness Foundation), please contact Larry E. Peterson to request more information about how to become a volunteer and what to expect during your volunteer experience.