Los Caobas School

As you will know from reading our Home Page the first project undertaken by Imagine Oneness Foundation was the Los Caobas School in the Dominican Republic Province of Barahona.  This overcrowded and understaffed school with a mixture of Dominican and Haitian pupils was in a dilapidated condition with a severely damaged roof in danger of collapse at any minute as well as dangerous flooring.

The state of the building made it necessary for classes to be held in the open air, often under the blazing sun, to the detriment of both the children and teaching staff. The plight of this school and the conditions under which the children were forced to endure in order to receive their education prompted the birth of Imagine Oneness Foundation but at that time there were no funds available.  As a result Yuri Garcia, now the Foundations Treasurer, financed the repairs personally as his initial contribution to the Foundation.

Below you can see some images showing the condition of the roof of Los Caobas School both before and after the repairs were carried out.

Before Repairs

los-caobas-damaged-roof-a   los-caobas-damaged-roof-2




After Repairs.

los-caobas-escuelita-001-1600x1200  los-caobas-escuelita-002-1600x1200  los-caobas-escuelita-003-1600x1200  los-caobas-escuelita-004-1600x1200  los-caobas-escuelita-005-1600x1200  los-caobas-escuelita-006-1600x1200_0  los-caobas-escuelita-007-1600x1200_0








Imagine Oneness Foundation has continued to support this school and were successful in obtaining five computers as a donation from Banco Popular, that are now being used by the pupils to further their education and knowledge.

 The school, however, still needs further assistance to provide a basic level of learning and financial contributions or practical donations of school equipment is being sought and would be very gratefully received. Second hand laptop computers, with internet connection, would be of considerable benefit as well as basic items such as schoolbooks, pencils, pens, calculators, drawing implements etc. all of which are in very short supply.

If you would like to help the Los Caobas School in any way, we will be delighted to hear from you.  You can make a direct contribution via PayPal or, if you prefer to donate items, please contact us via our contact form to arrange shipment.

Thank you.